In a bar made of ice with a group of young people. I'm bored and wear a blue white red bombers. I'm much older, I am bold with a beard round rectangular face, dark complexion. We were fleeing. We stopped at the bar. I was somebody's doppelgänger at the entrance of the bar but nobody reacted, the bouncer seemed to find the situation utterly normal and smiled to it as if he knew the trick we were playing on him like a bunch of lovable kids. There was music and I had my PC on the table. At some point I used it, and there was this midi music, classical perhaps, but a classical no one heard before. It was a catchy air but nothing Beethoven like. People seemed to be hypnotized by it, music stopped and humming was heard. I was scared they would find us but everybody in that huge bar enjoyed it. The bar was as big as a soccer field, you could see how waves of people learned to hum, then sing, then invent mouth instruments. Each movement / verse in the song was played by a different mouth instrument. I was laughing so hard. There was this young girl next to me who went "Tsing tsitsitsing tsing". I couldn't breath. It's been so long since I laughed.